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  • Let me enjoy work. Bless my income and evil.
    Sathish Hari - Apr 08 2019
  • Marriage restoration and true love between me and my spouse.
    Anymous Me - Apr 04 2019
  • Please pray for my wife. She has become violent and has begun to be argumentative. We’ve had to separate. I just ask for prayers for her to recognize these issues and that she repents of them and seeks reconciliation. And that she softens her heart and becomes more gentle and Christ-like. Thank you. God bless.
    Wesley B - Apr 03 2019
  • Please pray for my wife. She has become quite violent lately and we have had to separate. Please pray she softens her heart and repents of this and works to seek reconciliation. And that’s she seeks to be more Christ-like and gentle. Thank you, God bless.
    James B - Mar 30 2019
  • Good morning. I would like to church to pray for my husband. He seems to have a drinking problem and he constantly goes to the club, and lounge. I ask that you keep him in prayer so The Lord helps him to stop going to those places. I also ask that matures alittle more and becomes a Better person. His actions are really hurting our relationship. Please help us to rebuke the devil.
    Petra Green - Mar 30 2019
  • I need prayers that God should help me passes my exams and help me to remember all I have learned in Jesus name, amen
    Odiase Grace ikponmwosa - Mar 29 2019
    charles wright - Mar 21 2019
  • Please pray for my husband, that he would come back to God and that God would give him new heart God loving faithful and honest and pure heart. That God would help him overcome all his ungodly addictions and give him love for God’s word. Thank you for praying!
    Ausra P - Mar 21 2019
    charles wright - Mar 15 2019
  • Good morning. God is so good! He is awesome and marvelous. I ask that you keep us in prayer so that he may continue to bless us. The devil is still at time and I just ask that the Lord protects us under his wings. May he remove any jealously or bad vibes. May he keep us happy and strengthen the bond that we have between us. Keep us in prayer. Thank you.
    Lisa Davenport - Feb 25 2019
  • I often feel that I’m hardly making it, and I need a lot more wisdom. Please pray that God will give me wisdom for success in every area of life. Pray for the wisdom to succeed in college, in all my classes. Pray for wisdom to take care of my health. Pray for wisdom in relationships. I graduate in 2 months, so pray especially for wisdom to plan for the future. Wisdom to plan out where to live, and wisdom to apply for the right job for after I graduate. Pray for wisdom to pursue and fulfill God’s purpose and calling for my life. Pray for wisdom to live for the Lord and serve the Lord well. Pray for wisdom in every area of my life, and that God will answer this beyond anything I could imagine. Thanks.
    Seth McAdams - Feb 17 2019
  • Hello, I am asking for a special prayer request. I am feeling very sad. I am having finance troubles, and troubles in a relationship. I have been very snappy lately and argumentative but it is because I feel I am not being treated with respect. I am sorry for all of my rude behaviors and I have asked God for forgiveness but I still feel a sense of guilt. I often feel that I am punished in my relationship with the silent treatment and grudges.I ask that you pray that God help me restore my relationship, and that there is more understanding and compassion. I feel my faith is weak but I don't want to give up on God. I feel alone and misunderstood. I want to be a better Christian and be more like Christ but I feel so distant from God. I just have an overall sense of despair and that is why I am asking for prayer. God bless you and thank you.
    J J - Feb 15 2019
  • I thank the Lord that He helped me to go back home to my family! I praise him with all my heart! I have missed my home country so much that it has made me physically and mentally sick. May the Lord heal me fully! With all my heart i scream to the Lord do not send me back to Australia! Please provide a solution that i do not need to leave home again! But if it is the Lords will help me to have the strength to go back. May He help me back home again when it is time.
    Tuija Marjanen - Feb 13 2019
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE AT THIS CHURCH For my son Jamal to stop taking weed and experimenting with other drugs and to realise his potential - to develop a relationship with God For my daughter Abigail to stop smoking weed, to realise her potential - to develop a relationship with God. For my son Benjamin to return to us, for him to stop being angry at us and talk to us. For me my husband and I to have a relationship with our two grand –children, one we have not seen for 9 years and one who was born a year ago. I am hurt by my son Benjamin’s behaviour toward us his family and need comforting. For my husband who needs a financial blessing. AND for me to get a job so has to help my husband financially – to become focused, dedicated and disciplined in my health challenge. For me to wait on the Lord patiently regarding this because at the moment I feel that God has forgotten about me and that I am going to remain in this financial situation permanently. I need a pair of glasses but do not have the money to buy them. I have not worked for 9 years and I am worried because I will need references. The managers I have worked previously with have left their positions. Please pray for me I need God to open a way I really do. I thank you in advance for your prayers.
    AujS Wilson - Jan 23 2019
  • A Catholic woman who I was studying with asked me why we Seventh-day Adventists support killing children by abortion. She wanted me to give an answer from the Bible. Please pray for me because I don't know how to answer this question using on the Bible.
    Andrew Michell - Jan 22 2019
  • special prayer for my sister Juliet Wright, special protection around her. Shield her from evil in all areas. Make mentally normal again. Remove all seen and unseen danger from around Juliet Wright. Heal her mind, body , spirit , soul. Take her off completely medicine. Give her back her youth..
    charles wright - Jan 12 2019
  • Hi brother or sister, I am writing to request a prayer, please. I am asking that you pray for a relationship that has been very up and down over the last year. I have tried to make amends and prayed about it but it seems that when everything is going well, something happens that reverses all of the goodness that has been abundant in this relationship. I believe in God and that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, but I constantly battle feelings of guilt and regret because my standards seem so high. It affects me in all areas, at work, in my domestic life, etc. I want to be a good Christian and although I read the Bible and pray, I feel like a failure. I know that God forgives me but I sometimes feel disappointment when my loved ones hold grudges. I am asking for prayer to mend this relationship and spiritual guidance to keep Jesus in my heart. Thank you. God bless you.
    J J - Oct 29 2018
  • special prayer for special protection for god through Christ to protect and remove all danger both seen and unseen away from me and lisa and both in our jobs and home professional and personal life. give us all positive emotion and happiness and will , time to read his word to understand, father son, holy spirit on all levels.
    charles wright - Oct 28 2018
  • Please pray for David and his family who are experiencing imminent and ongoing persecution in their home country. Please pray for protection, and for them to experience peace during this very difficult time.
    Todd Lavorne - Oct 24 2018
  • PLEASE PRAY for JO-JO and family for improved finances AND for them to have peace of mind and happiness
    CLAIRE WOODFIELD - Oct 23 2018
  • Change my girl friend lisa and my self mind and view point of Immoral sex and triggers. Have us live in happiness what you create procreation for the normal ways.
    charles wright - Oct 23 2018
  • 9:29 AM A year ago there was a tragic death of my mother and brother in Rome, Italy were they lived for17 years . Lord blessed and many people prayed and helped us during the time of trouble! Because of the criminal cause of their death we were not allowed to enter their house and do not know the results of the investigation yet. We prayed a lot about this situation and two days ago we were told that we have the permission to enter their house and ask for the results of the investigation. We need to go there (we live in wildwood, GA) in order to finish all the formalities related to their death and support my sister which lives in Rome as well and cannot get over their death yet. Please pray that the Lord provide the needed funds for our family's trip to Italy and Moldova (we are medical missionaries) for God's guidance, strength, and protection while we stay in Italy and Moldova and finish the formalities related to my mother's and brother's death. And so that we may be able to show God's love to people around us and for my sister that she might be open to the Holy Spirit and receive Jesus Christ as her personal Savior.
    Vitalii Macarov - Oct 20 2018
  • Good day Church Board, I have an issue that has not been voted on by the GC in Session and I would I would like for the board to vote to move this issue up the proper channels to be addressed by the GC in Session. According to Elder, and GC President, Ted Wilson the issue of women being elected to the position of elder (which has bilateral spiritual headship over the church with the pastoral position) has never been addressed nor affirmed through a GC in Session. We now have a growing concern with regard to church unity because of this oversight and that concern is that unions and divisions within the global church don't know how to conduct themselves as a matter of conscience. Many believe that because local church governments have been given the authority to make women the spiritual head of the church that they should be allowed to also employ them to do so, which is a fair position to take because the GC in Session has never addressed the issue of headship. How do we get our church leaders to look at and address this issue?
    Quentin Styger - Oct 19 2018
  • Protection around lisa at her job from seen and unseen forces in every area..give here unlimited options of jobs to choose from.
    CHARLES WRIGHT - Oct 18 2018
  • Please pray for me to hate my previous sin, to love the Lord more and to become ready for baptism. Also, please pray for me to be healed physically and psychologically from a long hospital stay that left me disabled.
    Rachel Smith - Oct 15 2018
  • I'm asking you, my dear brothers and sisters to pray for my professional life. I'm a RCFE certified and now a friend, who is being trained at Weimar for medical missionary work, texted me out of the blue, saying that she was impressed by the Holy Spirit to work with me. Please pray that if this God's will, He will bring all the resources necessary. I have no resources at all, so God intervention will be a miracle one. I know that He owns it all. Amen
    - Oct 14 2018
  • jesus i need eyeglasses all sizes from walmart...mail me a box to me in the philippines...ask me for my address...this is for the poor people
    gladys - Oct 13 2018
  • Dear arch angel Gabriel messenger of god can you enter Alfredo Hernandez room with adhd diagnosis and arch angel Gabriel can you send 1/9 good angel from heaven visit my room and my house and arch angel Gabriel can you sing sixpence none the richer music and solo artist Leigh Nash music and arch angel Gabriel sing never finish by Leigh Nash my favorite Adventist hymn and arch angel Gabriel can you sing feel it radio remix tobymac directly with millions of angel in heaven and arch angel Gabriel can you take away negative energy replace by positive energy
    alfredo hernandez - Oct 10 2018
  • Pray for god heal my bad back.. lumber L1 L2 L4 L5 L3
    CHARLES WRIGHT - Oct 05 2018
  • Dear my guardian angel can you play it’s wonderful life black or white movie ft guardian angel and my guardian angel I have ssi helping me because I have Down syndrome and Holy Spirit which college I can go seven day Adventist university keene Texas staring this spring next year my freshman year 2019 or go back to college vast academy central houston community college central my third year with my third semester five classes and Holy Spirit can you enter my life because I don’t want vast academy kick me out because my behavior disorder is not my fault that I have austim syndrome or adhd and Holy Spirit can you heal my behavior disorder and Holy Spirit vast academy central houston Texas have lots disability you think of like for example I have friend with austim syndrome and Down syndrome
    alfredo hernandez - Aug 28 2018
  • pray for my crypto currency Electroneum take off to $10. God say , you dont have because you didn't ask. I'm asking a special request to have my investment succeed. greatly.
    charles wright - Aug 16 2018
  • I want to have a serious relationship with God and my family to be spiritually and physically
    hristo ivanov - Jul 24 2018